“Health Company Agrees to Settle False Claims Act Charges of Unnecessary Medical Services for $9.5 Million“

The US DOJ announced on February 8, 2020, that Diversicare Health Services agreed to settle charges it violated the False Claims Act by submitting false bills to Medicare. The bills were for rehabilitation therapy services there weren’t necessary, weren’t reasonable, and weren’t performed by skilled personnel – according to the DOJ. The settlement was based […]

Whistleblower’s Qui Tam Lawsuit against Insys Unsealed

“SEC Whistleblowers“

The United States capital markets have whistleblower programs that are administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”).    The programs’ purpose is to encourage whistleblowers to report violations of securities and commodity-related laws by offering financial rewards.  In addition, there are laws that protect the whistleblowers from retaliation […]

“IRS Whistleblowers“

Who are Noncompliant Taxpayers? The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Whistleblower Office is the government body in charge of incentivizing employees and contractors who report entities that fail to pay taxes owed to the government.  For the whistleblower’s specific information that leads to the IRS recovering of tax dollars, the IRS Whistleblower Office may offer the […]

“State False Claims Act“

In addition to claims brought under the federal False Claims Act (“FCA”), each state has its own version of the FCA.  For example, in California, since 1987, the state’s version of the FCA is found in its Government Code (8000-22980) and enforced by the State of California Department of Justice’s False Claims Unit of the […]

“Federal False Claims Act“

False Claims Act (“FCA”) is the government’s main vehicle to stem out fraud against government-funded programs as well as to protect whistleblowers who report such fraud.  The FCA has state counterparts that enable similar enforcement on the state level.  Whistleblowers must reasonably believe that their employer financially defrauded the government by overcharging, mischarging, or retaining […]